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$ 22.00

LIMITED TIME DEAL! I've teamed up with Hiker's Brew Coffee to offer a special deal. Every mug purchase includes one Hiker's Brew Venture Pouch (1.5 oz) of coffee! What!? How!? I'll tell you how. You see children, when a mug loves coffee very very much... ah, you know the rest of the story. 


Whether you're out on the trail, or sitting on your kitchen floor dreading the work day ahead... this enamel camp mug is a perfect vessel for that black gold we call coffee! Holds whiskey really well too. 

This enamelware is built for adventure. Each mug is handmade in Europe using time-tested production methods that have been in place for nearly 100 years! The wrap-around design is then fused on to the mug's surface using a high temperature kiln. This hands-on production method means that each mug is unique, made just for you and your adventurous spirit!

Handle-to-handle wraparound design
Dishwasher safe
Use over campfires and stoves
There is a small hole on each mug's handle (from the dipping process)
Made from high quality, lead-free materials
Durable, will last for generations to come!

Orders over $50 ship free! 

Non-USA Shoppers: All items from my shop ship from the USA. Depending on your country, you may be responsible for paying a customs fee or import tax. Please look up your country's policies so you aren't surprised with some extra charges :)

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